Professional Model​​
​Lily MonsterMeat is a professional model. She loves collaborating with artists and brands, attending meetups, and travelling. Book with her today!
Fable Friends & Lily The Fairy
Lily The Fairy and her Fable Friends encourage eco-action through fun storytimes at parties and events! Contact Lily The Fairy today!
Lily has a great time with Cosplay, Costumes, and Characters. It's all Lily's favorite things; creativity, crafting, collabs, attending events, and much more...
LilysShop Jewelry & Clothing
At Lily's Shop you will find creative handmade jewelry, unique printed clothing, and unusual gifts.
Piercings by Lily
Lily is available for Piercings by appointment, and is always here for your follow up needs.

Lily has entertained families, hosted events, and been an extra on films. Now she is exploring more acting in 2020!