NAME: L!ly Mоnѕ†еrMeat
​LOCATION: Kingston/Belleville Area - Ontario Canada

I am into everything, from Geek to Glamour! Even Horror, Hippy, Rocker, and Fetish images.
My friends and I play dress up as original characters Lily The Fairy, and pop culture Kingston Cosplay! 
I've got a weak spot for fetish wear, latex, platform heels, and corsets. 
I also love leather, fur, bones, stones and and most things native and natural. 
I own tons of wardrobe, wigs, shoes, and accessories!  
I adore Fashion, Creation, Design, and Conceptualizing. 
I am always looking for local Photographers, Stylists, Designers, Models, and other artists to shoot with! 

I currently have my hair blonde, pink, purple, and pointy stiletto nails. 

If you'd like to set up a shoot with me send me an email!

  • I might be willing to trade 'Time For CD', depending on the project. 
  • I love 'Time For Product' shoots. Send me stuff, I'll shoot it and send you photos! 
  • Both location and studio are fun!
  • Travel is always a possibility, it depends on the gig...
  • Someone from my Shop will usually come with me, for safety and a hand. 
  • I'm currently living in Ontario, Canada.
  • I do not shoot nude.
  • I am open to shoot most days, locally.
  • Feel free to come out to my place!

Please enjoy my ever-growing portfolio below!

Click HERE to see Lily as RJ Sullivan's Official Maxine Marie for the novel Haunting Obsession!
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