My name is L!ly Mоnѕ†еrMeat. I'm an easy going Artist from Austin, Texas. 
Having moved to Ontario recently, I'm looking to meet the talented artists in the area and create fantastic new images! If you've got a creative idea for a photo, I'd love to make it reality! 

I am into everything, from Glamor to Horror, Casual, Rocker, even Fetish. 
I've got a weak spot for fetish wear, latex, platform heels, and corsets! 
I also love leather, fur, bones, stones and and most things native and natural. 
I own tons of wardrobe, wigs, shoes, and accessories!  
I adore Fashion, Creation, Design, and Conceptualizing. 
I am always looking for local Photographers, Stylists, Designers, Models, and other artists to shoot with! 

I currently have my hair mostly black and pointy stiletto nails. 

If you'd like to set up a shoot with me send me an email!

  • I might be willing to trade 'Time For CD', depending on the project. 
  • I love 'Time For Product' shoots. Send me stuff, I'll shoot it and send you photos! 
  • Both location and studio are fun!
  • Travel is always a possibility, it depends on the gig...
  • Someone from my Shop will usually come with me, for safety and a hand. 
  • I'm currently living in Ontario, Canada.
  • I do not shoot nude.
  • I am open to shoot most days, locally.
  • Feel free to come out to my place!

Please enjoy my ever-growing portfolio below!

Click HERE to see Lily as RJ Sullivan's Official Maxine Marie for the novel Haunting Obsession!
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