About Lily MonsterMeat
  It all started going a new direction when Lily Monster met Ogre Meat online in 2004. They fell in love *aww* and while in a long-term / long-distance relationship they married and Lily took on the 'Meat' name. Having grown up in Austin, Texas she is extremely unusual and, like the city's motto goes, likes to keep things weird. Her entrepreneurial spirit became apparent at a young age when she began selling her hemp jewelry at Oat Willies, a local head shop, at the age of 8. She began modeling for Target as a young teen and has continued to model professionally ever since. Her free spirit always kept her moving, traveling all over the U.S. with her backpack and friends. She stayed in California for years taking a piercing apprenticeship in Santa Cruz, helped in growing and trimming plants in Humboldt County, and learned chainmaille making in San Francisco.

  Lily is a model, artist, and entertainer, often donating her time to charities with her cosplay and original characters through Lily The Fairy. Her chainmaille jewelry, fairy books and trinkets can be found in various shops such as Sacred Circle in Deseronto.

  Lily MonsterMeat is family-oriented and operates right here in Ontario. Since she arrived in Canada in 2011, Lily has treated every customer like they were a part of her family. Other companies may offer similar services, but her services are fun and unique, and come with a personal touch. 

  You can book with Lily at:
Children's Entertainment www.LilyTheFairy.com
Modeling www.LilyMonsterMeat.com
​Lily's Shop Clothing and Jewelry www.LilysShop.com